Rocomamas Burgers and Chips

Rocomamas Burgers and Chips Menu

Rocomamas Burgers and Chips Menu 2024

If you’re a burger enthusiast, you’ve heard of Rocomamas. Known for their mouthwatering burgers and crispy chips, Rocomamas has taken the culinary world by storm. In this guide, we’ll dive deep into Rocomamas burgers and chips, exploring everything from their biggest burger to their extensive menu.


Rocomamas is different from your average burger joint. It’s a haven for burger lovers who crave unique flavours and creative combinations. Whether you’re a fan of classic cheeseburgers or prefer to venture into uncharted territory, Rocomamas has something for everyone.

Rocomamas Biggest Burger

Let’s start with the showstopper—the Rocomamas biggest burger. This colossal creation is a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of burger perfection. Packed with layers of juicy beef patties, cheese, bacon, and an array of mouthwatering toppings, this burger is a true masterpiece. It’s a challenge and a delight for your taste buds.

But that’s not all; Rocomamas takes customization to a new level. You can build your burger from scratch, choosing from an impressive selection of ingredients. Whether you’re a carnivore, a vegetarian, or have dietary restrictions, Rocomamas ensures you get the burger of your dreams.

Rocomamas Burgers and Chips Menu

At Rocomamas, we take pride in crafting burgers and chips that are not just meals but unforgettable experiences. The Rocomamas menu caters to every tastebud, from the classics to the bold and adventurous. Explore their mouthwatering offerings below:

Exploring the Rocomamas Burger Menu

The Rocomamas burger menu is a treasure trove of flavours and innovations. From the classic Rocomamas Burger to the adventurous Nacho Libre Burger, every option on the menu is crafted with precision and passion.

Some of the standout items you’ll find on the menu include:

Classic Burgers

Rocomamas Burger

Rocomamas Burger and Chips
#Rocomamas Burger
  • A timeless favorite features a juicy beef patty, fresh lettuce, ripe tomato, and their signature Rocomamas sauce.

Rocomamas Cheese Burger

Rocomamas Burger and Chips
#Rocomamas Cheese Burger
  • Take the Rocomamas Burger to the next level with a generous helping of melted cheese that oozes with each bite.

Rocomamas Bacon Bliss Burger

Rocomamas Burger and Chips
#Rocomamas Bacon Bliss Burger
  • For bacon enthusiasts, this burger is a symphony of flavours, combining crispy bacon with all the classic fixings.

Gourmet Creations

Rocomamas Nacho Libre Burger

Rocomamas Burger and Chips
#Rocomamas Nacho Libre Burger
  • Spice up your burger game with this fiery creation, with spicy chilli cheese sauce and crushed nacho chips for that extra crunch.

Rocomamas Mushroom Burger

Rocomamas Burger and Chips
#Rocomamas Mushroom Burger
  • Indulge in the earthy goodness of sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese, making this burger a delight for mushroom lovers.

Rocomamas BBQ Rodeo Burger

Rocomamas Burger and Chips
#Rocomamas BBQ Rodeo Burger
  • Satisfy your barbecue cravings with this masterpiece featuring BBQ sauce, onion rings, and a perfectly grilled beef patty.

Veggie and Vegan Options

Rocomamas Veggie Supreme Burger

Rocomamas Burger and Chips
#Rocomamas Veggie Supreme Burger
  • A savoury delight for vegetarians, featuring a plant-based patty, fresh veggies, and their special vegan-friendly sauce.

Rocomamas Vegan Burger

Rocomamas Burger and Chips
#Rocomamas Vegan Burger
  • A vegan twist on their classic Rocomamas Burger, crafted with a plant-based patty and dairy-free cheese.

Create Your Own Burger

Rocomamas Build-Your-Burger

Rocomamas Burgers and Chips
#Rocomamas Build-Your-Burger
  • Be the master of your meal by customizing your burger from the bun up. Choose your patty, toppings, sauces, and extras to create your personal burger masterpiece.

Sides and Extras

Rocomamas Chips

Rocomamas Burger and Chips
#Rocomamas Chips
  • Rocomamas chips are not just a side; they’re a culinary experience. Crispy, golden, and served with your choice of dipping sauces.

Rocomamas Onion Rings

Rocomamas Burger and Chips
#Rocomamas Onion Rings
  • Bite into the satisfying crunch of Rocomamas onion rings, perfectly seasoned and fried to perfection.

Rocomamas Loaded Fries

Rocomamas Burger and Chips
#Rocomamas Loaded Fries​
  • Elevate your fries game with options like cheesy fries, chilli cheese fries, or bacon-loaded fries for an explosion of flavours.

Rocomamas Freak Shakes

Rocomamas Chocolate Shake

Rocomamas Burger and Chips
#Rocomamas Chocolate Shake
  • Dive into chocolate heaven with this rich and creamy shake, topped with chocolate shavings and whipped cream.

Rocomamas Peanut Butter Paradise

Rocomamas Burger and Chips
#Rocomamas Peanut Butter Paradise
  • For peanut butter lovers, this shake is a dream come true, blending velvety peanut butter with a hint of sweetness.

Rocomamas Kids Menu

Rocomamas Lil’ Roco Burger

Rocomamas Burger and Chips
#Rocomamas Lil’ Roco Burger
  • A smaller version of their classic Rocomamas Burger, perfect for young burger enthusiasts.

Rocomamas Mini Chips

Rocomamas Burger and Chips
#Rocomamas Mini Chips
  • Kid-sized portions of their famous crispy chips.

At Rocomamas, a burger and chip combo awaits you, whether you’re a meat lover, vegetarian, or vegan. Pair your choice with one of their delectable shakes, and you’re in for a culinary adventure that’ll leave you craving more. Join us today to experience the magic of Rocomamas!

Quality Beyond Taste

At Rocomamas, it’s not just about the taste; it’s about the quality. They source the finest ingredients to ensure each burger is a culinary masterpiece. The beef is tender, the veggies are fresh, and the buns are soft yet sturdy enough to hold everything together.

RocoMamas Smashburgers Menu Prices 2024

Menu Prices (R)
Chilli Cheeze Bomb Burger R 127,00
Double Cheese Burger R 116,00
Classic Cheese Burger R 99,00
Old Skool Burger R 74,00
Rockstar Burger R 112,00
Cheese + Bacon Burger R 113,00
Mushroom Swizz Burger R 112,00
Bacon Cheeze Guac Burger R 120,00
Hot Chic Burger R 94,00
The Slacker Burger R 160,00
Southstar Burger R 90,00
The Shackster Burger R 127,00
Chicken Club Burger R 94,00

RocoMamas Fries Menu Prices 2024

Menu Prices (R)
Cheesy Fries Small R 56,00
Cheesy Fries Medium R 73,00
Chilli Cheese Fries Small R 56,00
Chilli Cheese Fries Medium R 73,00
Shoestring Fries Small R 38,00
Shoestring Fries Medium R 56,00
Shoestring Fries Large R 75,00
Thick-Cut Fries R 44,00

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Rocomamas known for?

Rocomamas is renowned for its delicious burgers and crispy chips, offering various creative and customizable options.

What is the biggest burger at Rocomamas?

The biggest burger at Rocomamas is a colossal creation featuring multiple beef patties, cheese, bacon, and toppings. It’s a true burger masterpiece.

Are there vegetarian options at Rocomamas?

Yes, Rocomamas offers vegetarian options, including the Veggie Supreme Burger, which features a plant-based patty and fresh toppings.

Is there a vegan burger at Rocomamas?

Absolutely! Rocomamas has a Vegan Delight burger crafted with a plant-based patty and dairy-free cheese for our vegan customers.

Can I customize my burger at Rocomamas?

Yes, you can! Rocomamas offers a “Build-Your-Burger” option, allowing you to choose your patty, toppings, sauces, and extras to create your ideal burger.

What are the popular gourmet burgers at Rocomamas?

Some popular gourmet burgers at Rocomamas include the Nacho Libre Burger, Mushroom Madness, and BBQ Rodeo Burger.

Does Rocomamas serve sides other than chips?

Yes, in addition to chips, Rocomamas offers sides like onion rings, loaded fries, and other delectable options to complement your meal.

What kinds of shakes are available at Rocomamas?

Rocomamas offers a variety of shakes, including the Death by Chocolate Shake and the Peanut Butter Paradise Shake, among others.

Are there options for kids at Rocomamas?

Yes, Rocomamas has a kids’ menu with options like the Lil’ Roco Burger and mini chips, perfect for young diners.

What are the signature dishes at Rocomamas Burgers and Chips?

Rocomamas is acclaimed for its aperitive burgers and altogether brittle chips. Signature dishes accommodate the archetypal Rocomama Burger and an array of gourmet creations like the Nacho Libre Burger and Mushroom Madness.

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