Rocomamas Canal Walk

Rocomamas Canal Walk: Menu, Halal Options, and Contact Details (2024)

Do you want some delicious smash burgers, juicy ribs, or flame-grilled wings in Cape Town? RocoMamas Canal Walk is the only place you need to go! This well-known restaurant has a lively atmosphere, helpful staff, and a menu full of tasty choices. It’s an excellent place for a casual meal with family, friends, or yourself.

Rocomamas Canal Walk Menu

What about the Rocomamas Canal Walk? Does it make it a great place to eat? That’s not just because they love a good burger; their whole menu is a symphony of tastes. There’s something for everyone, from substantial beef stacks to tasty veggie treats.

Signature Dishes and Popular Items

Rocomamas are the best example of how to customize and vary something. Their famous “smash” burgers have juicy, hand-formed meat that’s better than the rest. For people who like to try new things, the Rocomamas Wings are an irresistible trip through a rainbow of tastes. For people who want comfort food, Rocomamas milkshakes are the perfect choice.

Variety and Innovation

Rocomamas Canal Walk is fearless in trying new things and going beyond the basics. Their kitchen is where people can try new things and enjoy the unexpected. Just at the tip of the iceberg are the infused milkshakes and gourmet g-shakes topped with sweet and savory treats and loaded fries that rethink what it means to eat decadently.

Rocomamas Canal Walk
#Rocomamas Canal Walk Menu

Rocomamas Canal Walk Halaal

These days, being open to everyone is essential in the food world, and Rocomamas Canal Walk is determined to meet everyone’s needs. Their restaurant knows that some customers have special dietary needs, so they provide a lot of safe options so that more people can enjoy their tasty food.

The Experience of Halal

People who want to eat a halaal meal at the Rocomamas Canal Walk can do so without any worries because the food is made with tremendous respect for tradition and taste. Each dish is a beautiful mix of high-quality materials and skilled cooking.

Rocomamas Canal Walk Contact Information

Here’s how you can reach RocoMamas Canal Walk:

  • Physical Address: Shop 152B, Lower Level, Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Century City, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa.
  • Phone Number: +27 21 555 3192
  • Website: (although reservations are not possible online.)

Reaching RocoMamas Canal Walk

RocoMamas Canal Walk is situated in the Canal Walk Shopping Centre, which is very convenient. You can get there by car, public transportation, or a ride-hailing service.

People who are driving can park in the shopping area.

You could also use online guidance tools to figure out the best way to get to RocoMamas Canal Walk from where you are now.

Rocomamas Canal Walk Operating Hours

                Day             Time
Monday 9 am–10 pm
Tuesday 9 am–10 pm
Wednesday 9 am–10 pm
Thursday 9 am–10 pm
Friday 9 am–11 pm
Saturday 9 am–11 pm
Sunday 9 am–9pm

Rocomamas Specials

People who love food love RocoMamas, a famous fast-casual restaurant, because it has a lot of offers for people with different tastes. RocoMamas is renowned for its delicious ribs, wings, and Smash Burgers. It’s become a popular place for people who want to eat rich meals made with good ingredients. The irresistible Triple Treat Promo is one of their newest deals. It’s available from Saturday to Friday and lets customers enjoy more tasty treats.

RocoMamas has also added a delicious three-course meal deal with the best menu items. Customers can get these deals on several sites, such as Uber Eats and MrD Food. This means that RocoMamas specials are easy to find, whether you’re eating or relaxing at home. Join the #rocolove and turn your next meal into an unforgettable trip with RocoMamas Special.


It’s not just another place to eat; Rocomamas Canal Walk is a culinary haven full of stories about taste, love, and acceptance. If you love food as much as the people who make it, Rocomamas Canal Walk is the place for you. They have a menu that speaks to everyone’s heart.

Suppose you’re a local foodie looking for your next spicy adventure, or a traveler looking for a culinary adventure. In that case, the Rocomamas Canal Walk is the perfect place to take a break from your busy schedule. Enjoy a wonderful mix of taste and tradition in the cozy atmosphere of one of Canal Walk’s best-kept secrets.

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